Parental Advice

If you are concerned about what your child sees on the Internet consider some of the tips available on websites like CEOPs Think u Know website in lieu of turning on Internet filters.

Common sense advice and supervision will do more for your child and the greater good of the Internet than enabling the argument for state sponsored / controlled / influenced Internet filters.

If for example you may have made the unfortunate mistake of locking yourself into an 18 month contract with EE and then found that since your children are also sharing the connection so you are contractually obliged to enable EEs filtering, this website will help you circumnavigate their filters till you can cancel the contract and get yourself a real Internet connection.

To be clear; Filters do not work, have never worked and will never work.

Once the Government has conditioned adults to accept that filters will protect their children they will try to convince society that filters will protect us from Terrorists and criminals. They will not, the only thing they will do is protect the Government by limiting access to information and the free exchange of ideas.

This website is not about enabling teenagers to see boobs or penises it’s about showing that filtering is ineffective, dangerous and that someone somewhere will always be working to ensure that their Internet kin can reach the information they need to.