Age Verification Starts with YouTube Music Videos

The UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport celebrated that YouTube and Vevo will be forcing age restrictions on music videos.

On one hand the Government claim;

Introducing age rating for all music videos online was a manifesto commitment – making the pilot permanent and working to extend this internationally by sharing our experience of the pilot is part of delivering this.

Yet on the other hand they claim that this is industry driven and the Government has nothing to do with it;

Regardless this policy is driving a message that parents can rely on Government meddling to protect their children from the evils of the Internet rather than encouraging them to actually talk and educate children themselves.

Also, and more worryingly, it is conditioning people that it’s OK to have to hand over biometrics to receive services, to surrender anonymity to access content online and that Government censorship is acceptable.

We wouldn’t be suprised if there comes a time when the UK Government can tag content on YouTube to require adults to be logged in with a registered and verified account to view ‘extreme’ material such as a GreenPeace anti-fracking video or citizen recorded footage of Police brutality. The chilling effect is obvious.

And, for those who plan to host content themselves or on Vimeo the Government will make good on the plan to block websites that don’t conform to their age-gating plans.